So, what are we all about at the NearlyNewCrew?

At NearlyNewCrew, we believe in the power of sustainability to transform the way we shop, sell & declutter.

Our team is currently small but growing fast. We are building the platform based on our mission & core values, which we all live and breathe, they are…

Our mission – At the heart of the NearlyNewCrew is a commitment to promoting sustainable buying and selling practices, reducing the environmental impact of always buying new. We want to encourage everyone to contribute to a more circular economy, that is kinder to the planet.

Our Values…

Sustainability – we are passionate about promoting sustainability & creating a positive impact on the planet.

Innovation – we embrace innovation to continually enhance our platform, making it easier & even safer to buy & sell within our community of users.

Passion – we believe true passion brings a sense of vitality & energy into all our relationships and endeavours. We love what we do & we are passionate about the community of users we are building, sustainability & doing our bit to help save the planet.

People first, technology second – accountability, authenticity, respect, trust and transparency are embedded into everything we say & do.

We are still very much a start-up and at the beginning of our journey, but we have ambitious plans to continually improve the platform, add more features, users and geographic reach to scale the business. We’d love it if you came on our journey with us 🚀

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